3 Lessons From Company of One

Here are three lessons from this book Company of One. 

Lesson number one is this, that resilient people always win. 

So what makes a resilient person? 

Number one, is they are willing to face the truth, they’re willing to face reality. 

Number two, they have a sense of purpose, something that’s bigger than them, something that gets ’em up, something that drives them to be resilient. 

And number three is that they are adaptable. 

They’re not stuck in their ways. 

They’re willing to change based on the reality and based on the big purpose that they have for their life. 

Lesson number two from this book is that slow growth is okay. 

Kauffman Foundation went and did a study of the Inc 5,000 fastest growing companies.

They waited eight years and they went back and surveyed these companies and what they discovered is mind blowing.

It’s that nearly two thirds of those companies were no longer in business, so two thirds of the fastest growing companies were no longer in business.

 And lesson number three is that trusted businesses win.

But here’s the thing, 92% of customers trust their friends and their family way more than they trust business advertising. 

So if you’re looking for a good book, I’d recommend Company of One.