Lessons From Unreasonable Hospitality

Here are three great lessons for leaders from this book, Unreasonable Hospitality. 

Lesson number one is this, as leaders, we’ve got to learn to develop the skill of being consistent. You see, when we’re consistent as leaders, it gives our culture a place of psychological safety because our team knows what to expect and when to expect it.

Lesson number two is this, I’m gonna read this to you. It says, “Praise is an affirmation, but criticism is an investment. There’s no better way to show someone that you care for them than to be willing to offer a correction to them.” So as leaders, we have to learn to criticize the behavior and do it in private, but we have to learn to praise the person and praise them in public.

And the third lesson is that every single thing matters. He tells a story about how they train their staff to put plates on the table so that if a guest were to flip them up and look underneath it, the logo would be perfect so they could read it. He said it didn’t really matter because no one ever actually looked under the plates or rarely looked under the plates. He said, that by teaching their staff to do this, they were teaching them that every single detail matters. 

So if you’re a leader and you want some great insights on how to develop yourself and your team, I recommend you pick up this book.