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Understanding the Role of Backlinks in SEO and Building a Strong Link Profile

SEO can be a very complex and competitive business. How do marketing people measure success? According to Search Engine Journal, over half of them say they look at keyword rankings and organic traffic to gauge whether their strategy is working or not.

There’s another strategy that an SEO agency can use to drive their marketing – backlinks. Here’s how you can use this to build a strong link profile.

What Are Backlinks?

If you talk to someone at an SEO agency, they may use this term when talking about strategy. They may also use the phrase “inbound links,” too. What this means is that a marketer will use anchor text to link to another site. They aim to have the pages be seen by Google as a “vote” to help show that the page is relevant to the type of thing that people might be looking for when they search online.

Basically, it means that the other site views your page as being a valuable resource on this topic. If other sites start linking to the same page, then Google will likely bump the linked site up the search rankings for certain subjects or search phrases.

How to Build a Strong Link Profile

The main thing that you should be aiming to do here is to make strong content. An SEO agency won’t want to have to be marketing weak content. Other people aren’t going to want to link to it and then that strategy will ultimately fail. That’s because Google’s algorithm is also very good at being able to tell what has been ‘earned” and what hasn’t. They may say that your material is lacking and ignore any attempts at backlinking.

You can also do things like guest blogging on other sites and have them link to your site. Develop a community of people that consistently come to your page and also look for backlinks on other sites. You also want to optimize your anchor text. These are all things an SEO agency can do to help you rank high in searches.

There may be some initial trial and error as you make your way into the world of SEO. Don’t be discouraged. Pay attention to what your data shows you and make adjustments. Ultimately, you can succeed.

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