Your Stage Your Fame

Here’s how to go from $35 an hour to over $100,00 an hour. 

It was a cold January day when this man steps outta the subway in Washington, DC. 

He moves over to the side, he sets his violin case down, and he begins to play some of the most beautiful, some of the most difficult violin music in the entire world.

At the end of 43 minutes, he bends down, collects his money, he counts it. 

He’s made just over $34. 

Now, here is where it gets absolutely crazy. 

You see, two nights before he had sold out Boston Symphony Hall. 

Over 2,000 seats. 

Over $100 a ticket. 

The gentleman’s name is Joshua Bell.

 And yes, this is a true story, but the question for you is this.

What are you doing to build that stage so that when you step onto the stage, people know who you are and they understand the value of what you do? 

This can be done through your proposals, this can be done through the way you communicate with clients.