Risks vs. Recklessness

 When it comes to making decisions in your business, you’re gonna have to take some risk. 

But the thing is, you don’t want to be reckless in your decision making. 

So how do you know the difference? 

How do you know if you’re taking a risk or you’re being reckless? 

Here’s the way I love to think about this.

So when it comes to taking risks, that is like going through a revolving door. 

So if I go through the revolving door, I go to the other room, but I can always come back. 

Yes, it may take some time. 

Yes, it may take some effort, it may take some intention and some money, but I can get back to the room that I’m currently in.

Recklessness on the other hand, is like a one way door, once I go through that door, it’s gonna be almost impossible to get back into the room that I’m currently in. 

So for you, when you’re thinking about the decision that you’re facing, you have to ask yourself, how difficult would it be to actually get back to the place that I’m currently in?

And here’s what I’ve learned over the years, that more often than not the decisions that we’re making, they’re only risky decisions. 

They’re not actually reckless decisions. 

In our heads though, if we don’t know the clear distinction between those two, we assume that we’re being reckless when in fact we are about to take a calculated risk.