Why People Follow

 Leadership is given to us by the people who willingly follow us. 

You see, as leaders, we have to remember there are actually six reasons that people choose to follow us. And if we don’t know those reasons, we can’t then effectively lead. 

So let’s quickly look at the six reasons that people choose to follow.

Number one is domination. 

Number two is rank. 

Number three is expertise. 

Number four is power. 

The fifth one is mission, and this is the one we’re gonna talk about. 

And the one above it mission is where people follow us because they’re excited about what we’re attempting to accomplish, what we’re attempting to achieve in the world, the problems we’re trying to overcome.

So what is the mission for your organization? 

What is it that you are striving to accomplish and to make happen? 

And the very top one is, this is why they follow us, because we are a role model. 

So the question for you is, are you an actual role model? 

Are people following you and following in your footsteps because of the example that you’re setting? 

As leaders the most important person that you and I will learn to lead is the person who looks back at us in the mirror every day. 

How are you learning to lead that person?