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You generate likes, comments, and shares but you’re having trouble converting that engagement into revenue for your business. That’s where we come in! We help turn strangers on social media into evangelists for your business. We want to bridge the gap
between being present on social and growth in your business.
It all starts with a custom comprehensive strategy and leads to RESULTS.
Between the content creation, ads and never-ending updates, Facebook can feel overwhelming. Our team of Meta Blueprint Certified coordinators are ready to take the stress off your plate by developing a Facebook strategy aimed to get you RESULTS.
Did you know Instagram has over 2 billion monthly active users? Many of them could be your potential customers! Our dedicated team of coordinators have a vast knowledge of ongoing trends and updates to maximize your Instagram content. Not to mention, your feed will be custom curated to match your brand and attract new customers and turn them into evangelists.
89% of Pinterest users are using the app to be inspired on what they should buy next. Do you have an active Pinterest to ensure your brand is top of mind? Our Pinterest Advertising Essentials certified coordinators are ready to step in, from page creation to ad optimization, and ensure you’re leveraging one of the top ways to drive traffic to your website and increase new business.
Lead Generation
Over the past 5 years, we’ve been developing a lead generation method that has generated over 100,000 leads for our clients. Let us show you how utilizing Meta Lead Forms and some custom automation can help you generate qualified leads for your business. Whether you’re looking to grow your email list with eager-to-buy prospective customers or desire an influx of leads for your home services company, you’re going to want in on our approach.
Email marketing is critical to your digital marketing strategy success. Why? Imagine your Instagram with 5k followers disappears tomorrow. How will you stay engaged with your prospective customers? Let us handle your weekly, monthly, quarterly emails or build a custom sequence of emails that are cohesive with your branding and digital marketing strategy.



New Image Spa

The Problem

New Image Spa offers a plethora of medical and non medical procedures all centered around self care and aesthetics. They had recently begun offering liposuction - a new treatment for their target market but something they felt the market would be interested in.

In order to promote this, they developed an irresistible offer - $1000 OFF - that’ll get someone’s attention! But they needed help executing and actually getting this irresistible offer in front of the right people at the right time.

So here is how we helped…
  • Built a customer avatar based on what we know about their current clients.
  • Determined where their target audience spends their time - we determined based on their demographics and geographic location that Facebook would be the most effective.
  • Using their irresistible offer, we developed compelling copy that would make their ideal customer feel compelled to TAKE ACTION.
  • Last step, we needed to develop creative that would get people to STOP mindlessly scrolling.
  • We set up a few ways to measure success
    • Total # of phone calls
    • Consultations booked
    • Actual procedures booked

    Once our plan was in place, we were ready to hit GO on our campaigns and you’ll want to see these results…

  • Nearly $30,000 in new revenue!

This offer has continued to grow and generate additional revenue for their business. The lifetime value of these customers cannot quite be calculated yet, but after such an amazing experience with Brooke and Dr. Giror, they’d be crazy to not come back for another treatment!



Apex Midwest Services came to us frustrated with their lack of leads coming from Social Media. They wanted to help the brands across the midwest not only reach potential new customers, but actually CONVERT them into paying customers.

With several years of experience in the home services industry, we knew we would have just the thing they’re looking for!

So here is how we helped…
  • Built a customer avatar based on what we know about their current clients including ZIP CODES for areas they want to enter into and that they’re already thriving in.
    • We also developed some lookalike audiences to help us find more people who look like their current customers.
  • Determine where their target audience spends their time - we determined based on their demographics and geographic location that Facebook would be the most effective.
  • Developed automations that integrate with their sales process to ensure a smooth transition for their customer service representatives.
  • Created scroll-stopping graphics with compelling copy to ensure potential customers would TAKE ACTION and book an appointment!
  • Once our plan was in place, we were ready to hit GO on our first month of campaigns and you’ll want to see these results…
  • 262 Leads Generated
  • 258 Job Recruitment Leads


The Alexandria Farmers Market serves the greater Alexandria Community by providing access to fresh, local produce and goods. It gives local farmers and makers an opportunity to get in front of new customers and showcase their goods! The market is every Tuesday from 3-6 PM during peak season, but the challenge is getting people to the market rather than the convenience of your local grocery store…

Louisiana Central requested our help promoting the market to increase foot traffic and overall awareness of the market.

They could spend hours learning about best practices and setting up campaigns each week, but instead they chose to hire us. Here is how we helped…
  • Created a saved audience utilizing their existing assets - Page Likes, Engagement and their data behind WHO is actually showing up at the market.
  • Developed a template for a post that entices market attendance.
  • Created scroll-stopping graphics that would stop people and make them want to attend the market.
  • Ran ads at strategic times - not to lose attention or become “white noise” in the back of our target audience’s mind.
  • Once our plan was in place, we were ready to hit GO on our first month of campaigns. It wasn’t perfect at first, it took about 3 months of split testing copy, campaign of objectives and graphics to know what would convert. By month 3, we received an exciting message from Bahia at the Farmers Market:



  • Over 100,000 Leads Generated for Our Clients
  • Monthly Ad Spend Management of $150,000+
  • Official Meta Business Partner
  • Meta (Facebook/Instagram) Blueprint Certified
  • Pinterest Advertising Essentials Certified


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