Internship Challenge

Being an intern at Ugly Mug is different than being an intern elsewhere. You are not getting
coffee for your colleagues, maybe for yourself.

But the truth is that as an intern at UMM, you are challenged every week-literally.

Internship Challenge, Your Path to Growth

The real world can be tough at times, and the best way to prepare ourselves to face those tough times is to get an internship that allows us to grow and overcome real-life obstacles.

As an intern at Ugly Mug, you will learn what marketing is really about, how to handle conflict,
be proactive, and live out of your comfort zone

What Sets the Internship Challenge Apart?

The real world requires us to deliver results, not excuses. In weekly or biweekly team challenges, the goal is to present results and win. What kind of challenges? Well, real-life challenges.

Those challenges can go from selling a book to creating a marketing strategy for a potential client. Our job as interns and marketers is to develop strategies and take action. If you want to win, you must do whatever it takes.

We don't get a lot of instructions and we have to figure it out along the way. The truth is that RESULTS MATTER. Being uncomfortable is never comfortable, but that's how we grow thus leaving our interns self behind and becoming professionals.


Meet Our Previous Interns

"Being at Ugly Mug Marketing has enabled me to move from theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge. It's given me experience so that I will be able to do well in my field of Communications and Public Relations in the future. Everyone has been so sweet, kind, and understanding. I couldn't have asked for a better internship!"

Phoebe Lim - Louisiana Christian University, spring 2024.

"As an entrepreneur, dreamer, and in search of becoming a better professional, Ugly Mug showed me what marketing is really about. I learned not only skills that will make me a better professional but also how to be a better leader wherever I go."

Igor Acorinte

"I've strengthened a multitude of professional skills during the short period I worked here—flexibility, planning, presenting, teamwork, you name it —and found it be an overall valuable experience I will carry with me to my next job. I appreciate the time and energy UMM puts into preparing young people for the real world. They have a genuine interest in accelerating our careers and personal growth."

Isabella Melton

“Ugly Mug not only taught me valuable lessons about marketing but also made me a better person. Today, I know how to behave in important meetings, communicate with clients, and handle pressure well. I’m definitely a better professional now, and I’m ready to do whatever it takes.”

Matheus Alves

We all know how an interview process can be stressful and that's okay. Everyone gets nervous in important situations, but the upside is that you don't have to fake who you are at UMM.

If you simply be yourself and stay open-minded things will flow naturally. Showing your true personality and how your mind works is the best way to get the job.