Why Us

What Makes
Us Different?

One word. RESULTS. Period.

You're not here because you want a new website, a revamp of your brand, or help with your marketing. You're here because of what each of those things should provide you with - RESULTS. If you want results through your brand, website, marketing, and team, then you're in the right place.


Our name, Ugly Mug Marketing, stems from the belief that the results should never be compromised - not even for the sake of "good" design. We would rather an "ugly" design that delivers results, than a "beautiful" design that doesn't. The day we begin focusing on winning awards, instead of delivering results for our clients, is the day our business has lost its way.

We believe in, and practice, the fundamentals of great design - and that starts with the three "C's" of design. Contrast. Composition. Content. Unlike most, we believe Content is the most important of the three "C's" of design. It's difficult to deliver remarkable results without a clear understanding for the audience the design is intended to communicate with, and what message will resonate with that audience.


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