Achievement vs. Habit Goals

There are two types of goals that you need to have as a freelancer. 

Goal type number one is this. 

It’s called the achievement goal, and this is the one you’re familiar with. 

It’s where you set a goal to achieve a certain revenue or achieve a certain personal income or achieve a certain number of clients, whatever that may be.

That’s an achievement goal. 

Yes, you need those, but the other one, and I would argue this is way more important than achievement goals.

Is habit goals. 

What habits do you need to develop as a freelancer that will enable you to grow your business more successfully in the coming year? 

So think about habit goals could be I’m gonna develop the habit of every single day reaching out to five new prospects, or I’m gonna develop the habit of expressing gratitude to my current clients for the business that they’ve already given me.

So when you think about your goals for the upcoming year, make sure that you are thinking about them in terms of both achievement goals and in terms of habit goals. 

And I would argue that habit goals are far more important and far more impactful than achievement goals.

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