Bodyguard vs Borded Collie

This one mistake is preventing you from empowering your team members to step up and step into leadership, and that is this. 

You are being a bodyguard instead of a border collie. 

You think about it, a bodyguard is someone who goes out front. 

All of the eyes are on the bodyguard as they push their way through the crowd to protect whoever’s behind them.

Flip that to a border collie.

Have you ever seen a border collie? 

They herd sheep, they herd cattle, and the way they do that is they quietly run behind the herd, moving back and forth, gently steering them in the direction they should go. 

That is what you and I should do as leaders. 

We need to be behind our team, gently steering them, helping them get to where they want to go. 

And in return, they will get all the limelight, they will get all the glory for achieving the wonderful things, and we’ll be in the background just gently guiding them. 

After all, that is what leadership is about. 

Leadership is about helping people become the best versions of themselves.