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How SEO Services Can Help You Generate New Direct Leads

SEO, or search engine optimization, is known for increasing organic traffic to a website. Businesses and marketing agencies instantly include SEO in their plans because it generates more leads. Here are a few ways SEO services can help your business increase leads, and in turn, sales.

Blog Content

According to Webinar Care, around 60% of those in marketing state that marketing efforts like SEO and blogs account for most of their high-quality leads. An SEO agency can revamp old blog posts to ensure they’re up-to-date with current SEO practices. They can also help you produce new, perfectly optimized blog posts to attract new leads.

Targeted SEO

SEO is meant to target specific people. For example, imagine you own a makeup website. SEO efforts will be targeted towards keywords that involve makeup and demographics that commonly search for makeup or products you offer. This means that the only people clicking on links to your site are already searching for your product. It’s one of the reasons SEO is so effective.

Increased SERPs

Optimizing your website instantly helps you rank higher on search engine results pages. The enhanced visibility immediately means that you’ll get more leads. An SEO agency will use various techniques to optimize your site including the use of keywords, the increase of load times, and the decrease of banner ads or other visuals that can be overwhelming. SEO often involves a laundry list of tactics to help you rank higher.

Site Content

Content is much more than just blog posts. An SEO agency will work with you to optimize your website’s content. This includes captions for photographs and videos and product descriptions to increase sales. You’ll also watch your main pages, like your home page and about us page, be optimized. Every bit of content on your website will become SEO-rich content to increase leads and rankings.

User Experience

Many things used for SEO instantly lead to a better user experience. For example, users appreciate a faster loading time. They don’t want so many images and videos between paragraphs that it’s hard to read the content. Instead, they want the visually appealing basics. Sentences should be concise and they shouldn’t have to read a five-page story before finding what they’re looking for. When people have a positive experience, they’re more likely to purchase.

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