Marketing During a Recession

What should you do with your marketing during a recession? 

It’s a great question, and instead of me giving you my opinion, let’s return to history and let’s examine what the most successful companies have done during recessions. 

So in the 1920s, Ford sold 10 times more vehicles than General Motors.

However, something happened in 1929, the beginning of the Great Depression, and you know what happened? 

Ford did like so many other businesses, they pulled back their marketing, they pulled back their advertising. 

But do you know what General Motors did? 

General Motors not only continued their marketing, their advertising, they actually expanded.

They actually spent more, and so by the time the Great Depression was over, Ford had lost its lead.

General Motors was now leading the way in terms of market share in the United States. 

The same applies to you. 

The same applies to me during a recession. 

We need to continue on.

 Everyone else is pulling back.

We need to expand. 

We need to gain territory. 

You see, just like Warren Buffet says, “when everyone else is selling, we should be buying.” 

The same is true with our marketing. 

When everyone else is pulling back, we need to be advancing forward.