The Value Bridge

Here Are 3 Questions to Help You Get Over the Value Bridge:

Are you always stuck competing for the lowest possible price? 

If so, the problem is this, you are providing low value and you need to shift to providing high value. And you do this through what I call the value bridge.

If you want to increase your rates, you have to move, you have to take the journey across this bridge. 

Question #1: You need to ask your clients how having this new website, this video shoot, these photos, this graphic design, how will it actually help your organization reach its goals?

Question #2: How will they measure the ROI of this project that you’re going to work on? 

Question #3: What would it be worth to your client if you helped them? If your website, if your graphic design actually helped you reach your goal? 

Use those three questions, and when you do, you will shift in the mind of your prospects from a low price, low value deliverer to a high price, high value deliverer of the product or service that you offer. 

Check out my video here!

You’ve got this.